The Highest Craft Dank Dotz Edibles (500 MG)


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The Highest Craft Dank Dotz Edibles are sweet and tangy little chewable candies. Think of it as a mash of of sweet tarts and skittles with a potent cannabis kick. These little things are very addicting and could blast you off into a realm of relaxation and pure bliss. There are many flavors in each  bag in which they all have amazing taste and the potency is consistent throughout. Each bag of Dank Dotz will last you a couple sessions.

For a recommended dosage,  we would start with 4 -5 The Highest Craft Dank Dotz with an activation time of 20-30 minutes depending on how advanced you are in edibles. If you’re fairly new, you should start with 2-3 dotz to see how elevated you are after activation time. As a result, you can base how much you want to take on the next session.


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