Supreme Lean THC Lean CHERRY (1,500 MG)


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Supreme Lean THC Lean is the ultimate lean or drink mix to throw in your favorite drink! As its name says it boasts a 1500 head and body smacking milligrams! It carries a water soluble THC that mixes in your drink with great ease. You won’t have clumps of distillate floating in your drink like other THC leans. Also, having water soluble THC will infuse in your bloodstream and hit you sooner than most other oil distillates used in lean, so activation time is much shorter. The amazing fruit flavors can mix well in any of your favorite drinks with some ice and your THC cocktail will taste perfect!.

We suggest starting off with a teaspoon and based on your tolerance you can judge how much you want on your next session. We do warn that these are quite strong so we would refrain from taking over 2 tablespoons as these are quite strong unless you are advanced in edibles and THC drinks.


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