Rosin Infused Vegan Cookies by Tiny – ORANGE PISTACHIO (1,000 MG)


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The most amazing and smacking vegan rosin infused cookies are here and you need to try them!

Rosin Infused Vegan Cookies by Tiny are the best tasting and potent cookies out on the market. Tiny brand is a must try! Not to mention they come with 10 cookies per bag at 100 mg per cookie. These are one of cleanest and favorite edibles! These vegan gourmet cookies come in scrumptious flavors and come in a big bag! They are rosin infused so the high would be one of the cleanest and enjoyable to have. It is available in 3 amazing flavors like:

  • Double Toffee Oreo
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Orange Pistachio

How many of these vegan cookies should I take per session?

We suggest following directions as stated on the bag. They are a whopping 100 Mg per cookie so we would throw caution to the wind and try out 1 or even half at first and wait 30 minutes. Rosin is a solvent less concentrate that is very potent. The amazing taste will make you want to try more than one but that is all up too how your tolerance is.


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