Medibles Cannabis Infused Doritos FLAMING HOT LIMON (600 MG)


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You like them hot and spicy? And you want a whopping amount of cannabis with your hot edibles? Medibles Doritos Flaming Hot Limon  flavored chips are right for you! You can get your THC edibles medication in a tasty snack – perfect for those occasions when you can’t smoke, or even more perfect those who don’t want to smoke at all and prefer ingesting THC as an edible.

600 mg THC

Medibles Doritos Flaming Hot Limon Flavored Advantages
These edible chips (sometimes called “weed chips”) are a great way for you to get your THC experience without smoking. They’re handy to toss into the car, the cupboard, or if you carry a purse – in there, and so very discrete.

You’ll love the spicy flavor as well.

Each package of Medibles Doritos Flaming Hot Limon Hot Nacho chips contains 600mg Cannabis.

When you first try them, just take 1 or 2 chips at first to see how they affect you. Wait 20 to 30 minutes. Probably best if you don’t eat the entire package worth of these weed chips all at once! Of course, your friends will love you even more if you share! But they’re so tasty, you might not want to do that.


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