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Los Altos is a super rare 50/50 hybrid with consistently high cannabinoid levels. The lucky few who get to try it can score nugs with THC concentrations ranging between 22 and 26 percent. On average, Los Altos buds will have about 24 percent THC and around 1 percent CBGA. Reach a euphoric and relaxing buzz with this balanced hybrid.


Los Altos is a cross between Breathworks and Yellow Benches strains. Both parent strains combine their hardy genetics to produce sparkling Los Altos nugs. Breathworks is an extremely potent Indica strain with heavy fruity and spicy notes. Yellow Benches is another rare strain made from a Cookies cross and passes on its sweet and earthy aromatic notes.


Los Altos’ unique and intriguing aroma has strong rubber sole, glue, and leather notes reminiscent of a fresh pair of shoes. Mixed in with this eclectic aroma are earthy, diesel, and mildly sweet undertones. The balance of herbal, spicy, and rubbery smells is a rare mix that you won’t find in many strains.


You may think you’re looking at Moon Rock buds when you see some freshly cured Los Altos buds. Their slender, but dense bud structure features light and bright green leaves, as well as a thick coat of fuzzy-looking white and amber trichomes. Fiery orange pistil hairs poke through the leaves adding a blazing tint to the kief-encrusted buds.


As a balanced hybrid strain with a strong THC concentration, Los Altos provides novice and experienced users with a powerful and calming experience. Users may feel euphoria and a wave of relaxation trickling down their bodies. A few puffs of this strain elicits a steady and invigorating experience during any time of the day.




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